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Social media and relationship development in professional services @econsultancy

February 16, 2011 Leave a comment
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Social media and relationship development in professional services

By Kim Tasso, Econsultancy,
February 2011

This 25 page briefing is free to registered users (bronze Econsultancy members and higher).
It has been written specially, following an Econsultancy event for those in the professional services run by Kim Tasso, a strategic marketing and management specialist, and Peter Abraham, one of Econsultancy’s Directors. 

Inside, it contains the latest market trends, best practices, statistics, useful resources and case studies relating to social media and the professional services industry.

This document includes: 

  • Assessing selling skills and social media knowledge
  • Defining and aligning social media best practice in professional firms
  • Social media as a change agent for selling and marketing
  • Social media requirements resulting from change
  • The integration of social media and selling in the professions
  • What’s trending in social media for professional firms