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What to do if you can’t afford SEO?

March 9, 2011 Leave a comment
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What to do if you can’t afford SEO

Many small businesses are trapped. They know their companies could grow by marketing online more effectively but they do not have a big enough annual budget to get an agency to work for them.

So what can they do? Knowing they are missing out on considerable potential revenue but not having enough spare cash to chase that revenue must be frustrating.

Hire a fresh face

You may not have sufficient monthly budget to afford the work of an agency but you might be able to hire in your own talent. This gives you a full-time SEO service – so even if you could afford a basic agency package, this could be better value.

SEO is becoming an increasingly competitive sector and there are many hungry graduates and marketers out there who want to add success stories to their own portfolios.

Find a freelancer

A growing number of low-level search executives are all trying to raise their heads above the competition to bag jobs at major firms and agencies.

Like fresh graduates, many of these would be willing to take on a freelance SEO project in their spare time in order to boost their portfolio, as well as earn a little extra cash.

Do it yourself

There are plenty of ways a small business can enhance their own search engine rankings, even without bringing in some outside help.

Admittedly, you’re a beginner and so you’re less likely to see rapid success than you would by bringing in some expertise. However, there are plenty of ways that you can work the web without outside help.

Paid search advertising

Build a blog

Using a blog can help both with social media marketing and organic SEO – a term that means boosting your rankings in the free search results.

If you want some instant success and easy wins, paid search (the paid-for adverts at the top and sides of the search results) can bring immediate results.

Write guest blog posts

You can also start offering guest posts to other relevant blogs, also building links back to yours.

Go local

While you may want to embrace SEO in order to target a wider audience, don’t overlook the value of increased marketing to your local community.

Get social

You may not know much about the more technical aspects of SEO, but you can talk, can’t you?

Communicating through channels like Twitter won’t just help you gain those online customers you interact with, it can also help with your SEO.

By tweeting links to your pages (where appropriate – Twitter isn’t a spam engine), you can encourage people to share and discuss your online content.

This helps Google see the value of your pages, helping you rise through the ranks.



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