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Top 50 brands in social: seven key takea

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Top 50 brands in social: seven key takeaways

What we learned from analysing the top brands in social media, and food for thought for brand owners starting to look at social reputation monitoring

Our top 50 brands in social media league table caused quite a stir, and we had 20,000 page views almost overnight and comment from everywhere from Switzerland and Brazil to Australia and the Philippines.

A social media campaign isn’t always necessary to get people talking about you

The ‘reach’ of a brand is meaningless on its own
Brands don’t necessarily get talked about just because people like them

A few short bursts of social media activity won’t necessarily sustain the conversation

Yes, eBay really is the most social of the top brands

Being ‘liked’ by people on Facebook doesn’t equal engagement

Facebook isn’t everything

The real insight is derived from analysing why some brands punching above their weight and why others are failing to capitalise on the strength of their brands in social channels.

Those exhibiting strong scores all have things in common: engaging content, good segmentation of content on relevant platforms, responsiveness, sensible integration of social with other channels.They all add value to the consumer relationship.

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